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  • Burnaby Oil Spill Guidelines for Cleaning Surfaces with Oil Droplets: Drops of crude oil may be on your deck, railings, patio furniture, walkways, hot tub, pool covers, exterior windows and sills, siding, children’s play toys and similar items.The cleaner listed here is suggested by Kinder Morgan and the Fraser Health...

    Kinder Morgan Canada

  • “Quality control is a vital component of our field operations as such our clients expect first-rate performance and expertise from a world leader in down-hole chemical products. Sci-Tech has assisted Clariant in facilitating these expectations within the Canadian marketplace with Sci-Tech\'s in-house laboratory and on hand chemist providing quality control...

    Jonathan J Wylde PhD

  • “The City of Edmonton has established the product performance of the Protocol line of environmental products to be of a high quality. Our environmental program consists of four criteria: ecological impact, product performance, client service, and value; the Protocol products have met the stated criteria.”

    Rob Kuziw

  • “We are pleased to say the Protocol products have exceeded our expectations environmentally speaking and performance wise.”

    Merrilee Dent

  • To date, you have assisted Via Rail in reducing the number of cleaning chemicals used on our equipment and facilities. In all my years in the Materials Management field, I have never seen such an overwhelming agreement to the use of products from the employees as I have with what...

    Chris Lyth

  • “The chemical products supplied by Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals for this cleaning and maintenance process are Bitusol Delta and Protocol K-303. The chemicals meet Syncrude\'s functional and safety standards while providing superior performance characteristics”

    Robert Babin

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