Oil Field Industry

Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals Inc. is a diverse R & D chemical manufacturer, a Canadian company that specializes in industrial applications while pioneering the development of green chemistry. Ten years of Research & Development focused primarily on industrial chemistry has enabled Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals to provide some unique chemical solutions to everyday industrial problems.

From high-flash point solvents like our Bitusol Alpha that enables chemical heating to assist in the cleaning process to our Protocol K-300i water based safe cleaning of casing and drill string prior to rack back and final cementing of the well, we have developed the right chemical packages.

We have designed several chemical options to deal with bitumen in a safe and efficient manner. Our goal in formulating was to remove the toxicity and odor problems commonly associated with petroleum hydrocarbon based degreasers. High flash point solvent products such as our Bitusol Alpha and ExoSolve have proven themselves in real world Canadian oilfields applications.

Vapour phase degreasing/cleaning is a relatively new method for cleaning vessels and other closed systems utilizing biodegradable high temperature stable surfactants and water soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers. Our Vapour Clean product has proven a much more efficient method of cleaning plant vessels while reducing shut-down times and mitigating health and safety issues.

We also manufacture a line of H2S scavengers like our Gas Plant Degreaser which provides excellent surface wetting emulsification and oil assimilation with superior foaming abilities. Used for circulating, foaming, steaming or pressure washing, it will remove asphaltenes, waxes and H2S from flow lines and exchangers.

Fin fan cleaning/degreasing has come a long way with our high foaming Fin Fan Cleaner, quickly penetrating grease and oil. It is pH buffered safe to use on all types of metals including aluminum.

Here at Sci-Tech, we are always looking for new innovative chemical technology that will provide efficient performance and unmatched safety in all types of industry.

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