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Product Number Product Name Product application
K-300 Protocol K-300 Cleaner/Degreaser
K-300i Protocol K-300i Industrial Cleaner Degreaser
K-370 Protocol K-370 De-scaler
K-390 Protocol K-390 Aluminum Brightener
0303 Jet Blast Liquid Vehicle Wash
0304 Target HF Liquid Vehicle Wash
0305 Radiance High Foaming Wax
0312 Acid Wash Conc. Acid Wash Concrete Remover
0316 Uniblast Powdered Vehicle Wash
0330 Pro Auto Acid Presoak Low pH Pre-soak
0335 Pro Auto High pH Liquid Vehicle Wash
0351 Mitt Detergent Liquid Manual Vehicla Detergent
0361 Soft Touch Liquid Vehicle Wash
0363 Auto Glo Vehicle Wax
0365 Auto Dry Finish Wax Vehicle Wax
0366 Poly-Glo Red Colored Foaming Wax
0367 Poly-Glo Yellow Colored Foaming Wax
0368 Poly-Glo Green Colored Foaming Wax
0371 VacClean Vac Tank Cleaner
0637 Peroxi 3 Cleaner/Sanitizer
0800 LVP Pre-Treat Carpet Pre-Treat
0801 Extraction Cleaner Liquid Carpet Cleaner

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