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Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals builds over 250 chemical packages inclusive of solvents, acids and surfactants as such we understand where and when the introduction of GREEN chemistry will benefit our clients.Environmental Issues, Products and Services are here to stay; this is a fact in the 21st Century.Sci-Tech offers 10 years of environmental management leading the way in environmental chemical research, development and manufacturing in Western Canada. Today, we have 23 chemical products listed as green with 9 certified and registered with the UL Ecologo program. Sci-Tech also has three products: Protocol K-300, Protocol K-650 and Protocol K-300i that are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

Degreasers like our Protocol K-300i when diluted at 40/1 and heated will effectively clean and remove invert-mud from most surfaces of a drilling rig or wash the casing and string prior to cementing. The K-300i is also used to wash trains, ore trucks, mining equipment, and many other stubborn soils in industrial/commercial environments. Without a doubt, the K-300i is the best water based green cleaner on the market today! It can be a great solvent replacement without the flash point, odor or disposal problems associated with solvents.

OS-100 is an organic salt acid replacement that will replace hydrochloric and phosphoric acid safely while providing performance results in most applications. It can be used for descaling boilers, coil tubing, cooling bundles, and in acid fracking. OS-100 is readily biodegradable and non-corrosive to skin and mild steel. Suitable for use on rust, calcium and magnesium scales, it is also easy to dispose of eliminating or reducing expensive disposal costs.

Vapour Clean is perhaps the best idea in cleaning vessels or tank units quickly and efficiently. It is a water based detergent, scavenger combo that is designed to be used in high temperature Vapour cleaning operations. The concept of utilizing a chemical and steam package to clean has long been a desire of plant operators. It is a simple system allowing steam to migrate into and around all the various components of a vessel coming in contact with all surfaces without the inconvenience of completely flooding the unit. Cutting shutdown times and saving money, this is without a doubt one of the best systems available.

UL ECO SimpleT

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