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Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals Inc. is a Western Canadian based chemical manufacturer that specializes in liquid and powder blending as well as chemical research and development. Sci-Tech produces over 250 proprietary chemical formulations, 160 water-based chemicals and over 70 solvent-based chemical formulations. With environmental chemical research and development leading the way, Sci-Tech has licensed nine green chemical products under the UL Ecologo program for use in industrial, commercial, and retail markets. Sci-Tech strives to develop and provide quality, innovative chemical solutions backed up with exceptional customer service.

Sci-Tech’s strength as a chemical producer has been a strong commitment to the research and development of quality chemistry, enabling the development of strong business relationships with several world-wide distributors and numerous oilfield specialty chemical clients. All products are designed, tested and manufactured in Canada. Custom chemical solutions and technical assistance are provided through Sci-Tech’s on-site laboratory and R&D department.

For over a decade, Sci-Tech has been a leading force in the Canadian chemical industry through a strong focus on environmentally responsible products. Sci-Tech has been able to offer certified products to replace several traditional chemicals within the chemical marketplace. Target industries include oil & gas, mining, commercial building maintenance, transportation, forestry, shipping, agriculture and retail markets.

Sci-Tech’s manufacturing facility is a 20,000 ft2 building consisting of office & lab space, warehousing space, shipping & receiving bays and three distinct blending stations for manufacturing water-based, solvent-based, and acid-based chemicals. Using just-in-time inventory systems, Sci-Tech is able to limit chemical storage on site to 250,000L of raw/finished goods contained in 16 storage tanks and 4000 ft2 of pallet racking space for drums and totes.

Along with proprietary chemical formulas, Sci-Tech also custom blends a wide variety of chemical products for clients. Corrosion inhibitors, foamers, defoamers, scale inhibitors, solvent packages, surfactants, wax dispersants, citric acid, H2S scavengers and several other chemical products can be formulated and blended upon request.

Custom blending? Call us for discussions and pricing if you are interested.

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